Adult Therapy
People chose therapy for many reasons. Sometimes they may be experiencing a range of conditions, difficulties and circumstances impacting on their lives, they would like to change or do something about.
Some people may enter therapy for their personal development.

Therapy offers an opportunity to explore, express and reflect on people’s feelings and experiences in a safe, confidential, non-judgmental space. It also offers a possibility of increased self-awareness and a growth towards positive change.

Some of the experiences and difficulties worked with in therapy are:

  • Anxiety- Fear- Stress- Panic
  • Depression- Self-harm- Low Self esteem/ Confidence- Impact of partner/parental mental health
  • Reaching a crisis point/ not being able to cope- Work & Life balance
  • Anger- Frustration- Aggression- Bullying
  • Shame- Trauma- PTSD- Domestic abuse- Sexual abuse- Childhood abuse
  • Relationship issues- Repeating patterns of behaviour- Couple’s relationship and communication difficulties- Divorce
  • Family issues- Adoption- Parenting issues- Parent & Child relational dynamics
  • Life changes/ transitions- Loss- Bereavement- Long-term illness- Infertility
  • Sexuality, sexual identity
  • Feeling: stuck/ confused/ passive/ adaptive/ rebellious/ numb/ lost/ unsafe/ invisible/ needy/ not accepted/ not loved/ not belonging/ not mattered/ not bothered/ trying too hard/ not in control/ too controlling